20 Creative Ideas Top Photographers Use To Go Viral

Have you ever suffered from Insta-Feed boredom? We know, we’ve all been there! You scroll and scroll searching for any sign of inspiration, but not find a post even like worthy. If you relate to it and want to step up your game, witness some mind-alluring, aesthetically-pleasing photography by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís who are giving us some serious Instagram goals.

1. Eye for edgy, affinity for effortless.


2. Oh! Yellow there!


3. The consequences can be pretty paint-ful.


4. Do you like to read? Then prepare to take off!


5. Great pictures take some time, dont they?


6. Doesn’t it look pastel-icious?


7. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!


8. Photography can blow your mind away, really!


9. They said dont play with food, But nobody said nothing about playing with drinks!


10. You will be black, am I white?


11. Its wise to wear stripes when you dont want to be spotted.


12. Shake before use, not the other way around!


13. Next time, make a better knot!


14. Never bottle up your love, cokey?


15. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach, haven’t you?


16. Dont be choco-late and follow them!


17. Some aesthetically-pleasing beauty sleep right here!


18. Real friends push each other quite literally!


19. There’s nothing funny about wind, cause it blows.


20. What a blue-tiful day, isnt it?




If you’re a delhiite and crave momos [like well everyone else!], cancel out all your plans this weekend!

The third edition of the momo-licious event, organised by GoBuzzinga, will be held this coming weekend. And they’re promising you momo paradise for three days! 🍡

images (61)

Whats The Deal?

If you’re still hooked with the last 2 chapters of the momo fest, brace yourself because this time it will be HUGE. With momos from 25 of Delhi’s favourite momo vendors and more than 100 varieties of these delectable dumplings to drool over.

The last edition had a massive footfall of 40,000 people, and this year’s edition might just see a greater number of foodies thronging to Sector 18, Noida this weekend. Well you’re going to be hooked because mouth watering varities like of Afgani, Achari, Chocolate, Vodka, Tandoori, Peshawari Momos, Changezi Chicken Momos, Authentic Darjeeling Momos, Veg Spicy Lemon Momos, Pan Momos, and Shrimp Momosare on the list!

images (60)

Whats More?

In addition to these delectable dumplings, the festival will also serve some chilled beer and have live music and entertainment to jazz up your weekend. You better leave all your summer woes at home and bring over a mammoth appetite to show some love to this momo world!


Are You Ready?

When: July 14 – 16 [12pm-10pm]

Where: DLF Mall of India, Noida


unnamed (6)

See you there!

Hugs. 🤗🤗


Hello folks! We’re telling you how to do the date night right!

We’ve found the ultimate date destination and we’re telling you all the right reasons to take a ride. MASALA LIBRARY in Janpath, Connaught Place is known for its remarkable fine dining experience and gastronomic voyage, capturing the grandeur of centuries-old traditions but with a twist!

Mega Menu:

Masala Library serves ala carte i.e you can choose your own dish and the buffet set menu which take almost 2-3 hours to complete! The chef recommends the buffet menu which has served 19 adequate portions of the course with exclusive taste and appearance. For those who want to embark a journey of food trail and want to eat food with their eyes and nose before they really dive in, Masala Library is for you. The food here comes with all the  needed entertainment and drama for a memorable experience!

2-3 attendants serving you and explaining you all the dishes. If you go for the chefs 19 course menu , each course comes with its new cutlery, crockery, paired with wine 🍷. Every course enters with its own drama and presentation. So the food just does not satisfy hunger it probably also overwhelms your senses with presentation, ingredients, and well the royal treatment is sure the cherry on the cake! The service is impeccable and every member of the staff goes the extra mile to ensure you have a comfortable and satisfactory meal.

PRO TIP: Samosa, Mocktails, Galauti Kebab, Mushroom Soup, Chicken Tikka, Chai and Jalebi has hit a 10 in our list! Sure a win-win for your dreamy date.


Full Bar Availability

If your date’s in a frenzy you can totally take the smooth road to the full bar at Masala Library to try some lip-smacking liquor!

This classy restaurant impresses with its grandiose decor, top notch service and heavenly grub, and its ultimate DELIGHTFUL drinks! They truly understand what fine liquor at a restaurant should be – A visual and gastronomic adventure which will surely steal your heart are the cocktails and mocktails at Masala Library.

The ambiance of the restaurant is drool-worthy. As soon as you enter, you will find a huge bar section with classy single malt whisky and many-manyexotic varieties of wines and champagne. Wine pairing is fantastic along with the tasting menu. They have a colossal variety of cocktails and mocktails. The way of making was eye catching too (pretty exciting, huh?)
They take the best elements from various cuisines and gives it a pleasant twist. What’s more, the presentation of the food is stunning while being experimental at the same time!

Some Really Good-Looking Ambiance

The floor to ceiling bar set up and the gigantic chandelier steal the show.

Once you’re seated, the super friendly and courteous staff make sure to be at your service, not giving you a single moment to feel unattended. They introduce themselves and explain you every bit of the menu, well you’d really need that as the items to the meal have no description. While reading the menu, it’s difficult to decide what to order, since there isn’t any description of the items. Which is why, the server’s assistance is important. The food arrives quite promptly on order.

Since it’s a fine dining customer service will be the best. Every table will have there own service. Everyone is saying that the service is impeccable and every member of the staff goes the extra mile to ensure you have a comfortable and satisfactory meal. The only disappointment is that there is no wi-fi and no finger cleaning bowls or tissues after you finished your meals. Also, no children allowed, but well thats a recipe for date night success!

PRO TIP:  Two slots are available for dinner – 7-10 or 10-1. You better get 10-1 since 7 is not a good time to a start for dinner.


Drool-worthy Desserts

Dessert is quintessential for a sweet date night. The dessert is served in several courses which were pretty darn good and it ends with some nitrogen (food dramatics) ice-cream – which is definitely worth trying!

Some bhapa doi based desert, Jalebi with rabri, and saffron froth, and some ‘awe-some’ jalebi caviar will top your list! They end with a complimentary “Chocolate” desert which was presented very well i.e. with Frozen Nitrogen Gas. Dark chocolate with edible gold leaf over the top with alluring presentation is also something to drool over!


Definitely Something Different

So are you the quirky kind? Well then you’ve found damn dream land! Check out these beauties at Masala Library!

-The very fancy AMUSE BOUCHE served in artificial egg shells placed in a beautiful nest, taken as a shot of fermented coconut water and mango gelatin prepared from fresh pulp.

-RASAM VADA : The best rasam ever tasted served in a sweet lil’ glass tube with vada chunk over the top with regional sauces.

-DECONSTRUCTED SAMOSA : The idea itself is so amazing with the inside-out concept of Samosa, MUST TRY.

-DEHYDRATED LOTUS STEM : With all those spices over perfectly roasted lotus stem served along with marinated radish salad, beautifully presented!

-BAJRE KI ROTI WITH WHITE BUTTER : From the rural streets of Punjab, that authentic savour would make you fall in love with the place.

*MUSHROOM CHAI* – I personally never tasted any beverage more refreshing than this, prepared with dehydrated rare mushrooms.

-THREE WAY CHICKEN TIKKA : Three different presentations of chicken tikka, one being the normal tikka, second being a tikka prepared from diced and minced chicken with marinations, third is a very tasty Papad prepared with chicken, isn’t that amazing?

-SORBETS : A perfect appetizer from the 90’s to hit you right in the nostalgic zones of childhood.

PURE PRO TIP: Get your bookings done 2 weeks early because everyone else is looking for the same!



Get your bookings! You’re in for a treat!

Happy Date Night! xx

No More Doubt: 5 Things Customers Want From Restaurants

Wondering why your costumers don’t turn up for date two? Worried that you tip flight has crashes all the way to nowhere? Want to earn big bucks but don’t know how?

Here are 5 things your restaurant is probably doing wrong but should be doing! Try them and get some good lovin’ from your customers.

Throw In some Genuine Goodness

A goody greeting or a sincere compliment can pave a long-long way. A good host is deeply appreciated by his company, while some wit and some wordplay can get you a whole lot of customer pool.

Though big time creepy is a big no-no! But a little smile or nod can build wonderful contact. [A service-oriented interaction will be appreciated]

Pro tip: Be excited about what your costumer wants to get and be appreciative to his choices!


Check On Your Twenty Minute Timer

‘Rule #1 : Twenty is plenty’

You know you had a bad day when your 15–minute brunch turns to 2 hours of lunch! Well it happens all the time and this is where restaurants lose all their cookie points. Speedy service and with food taste consistency is the key to brand loyalty among costumers. 20 minute service time check can boost up your sales big time!

Keep a check on the quality of your manpower, revisit your training procedure, re assess your menu, and you know where to work.

Pro tip: When your line is moving, you know you have good service, but if it isn’t, well customers do mind waiting more than 20.

Pocket-Friendly Liquor

‘It’s a no-no to your boozy brunch with bae, when your 10 dollar bill gets over 2k’

Anyone who orders a drink in a restaurant knows that it’s a bad business transaction. You pay a much higher price per serving of beer, wine, or cocktail than if you had purchased it from your local liquor store. Few hours per week of cheap liquor can get you really HIGH profits! [pun pun pun]

But, if you can’t, PLEASE.


Freebies And Goodies

You already know it, right? Who doesn’t love a beautiful ooey-gooey red velvet caked topped with some fluffy fresh cream on your special day? BLISS. For free? BETTER.

Customers never forget where they found some love! Treat em’ on birthdays and anniversaries and they’ll spoil your with riches!


Beyond Restaurant Doors

While burgers and fries had a sad taste that day, lentils and rice brought out smiles; everyone knew what a happy meal was’

Want your customers to fall in love with you? Here’s the deal! Love bind hearts and now you’ll know how.

Enroll with Robin Hood Army  and be a restaurant partner and help eliminating hunger and food wastage. Contribute to their food drives with any excess food at your outlet, whenever you like with a call!





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