No More Doubt: 5 Things Customers Want From Restaurants

Wondering why your costumers don’t turn up for date two? Worried that you tip flight has crashes all the way to nowhere? Want to earn big bucks but don’t know how?

Here are 5 things your restaurant is probably doing wrong but should be doing! Try them and get some good lovin’ from your customers.

Throw In some Genuine Goodness

A goody greeting or a sincere compliment can pave a long-long way. A good host is deeply appreciated by his company, while some wit and some wordplay can get you a whole lot of customer pool.

Though big time creepy is a big no-no! But a little smile or nod can build wonderful contact. [A service-oriented interaction will be appreciated]

Pro tip: Be excited about what your costumer wants to get and be appreciative to his choices!


Check On Your Twenty Minute Timer

‘Rule #1 : Twenty is plenty’

You know you had a bad day when your 15–minute brunch turns to 2 hours of lunch! Well it happens all the time and this is where restaurants lose all their cookie points. Speedy service and with food taste consistency is the key to brand loyalty among costumers. 20 minute service time check can boost up your sales big time!

Keep a check on the quality of your manpower, revisit your training procedure, re assess your menu, and you know where to work.

Pro tip: When your line is moving, you know you have good service, but if it isn’t, well customers do mind waiting more than 20.

Pocket-Friendly Liquor

‘It’s a no-no to your boozy brunch with bae, when your 10 dollar bill gets over 2k’

Anyone who orders a drink in a restaurant knows that it’s a bad business transaction. You pay a much higher price per serving of beer, wine, or cocktail than if you had purchased it from your local liquor store. Few hours per week of cheap liquor can get you really HIGH profits! [pun pun pun]

But, if you can’t, PLEASE.


Freebies And Goodies

You already know it, right? Who doesn’t love a beautiful ooey-gooey red velvet caked topped with some fluffy fresh cream on your special day? BLISS. For free? BETTER.

Customers never forget where they found some love! Treat em’ on birthdays and anniversaries and they’ll spoil your with riches!


Beyond Restaurant Doors

While burgers and fries had a sad taste that day, lentils and rice brought out smiles; everyone knew what a happy meal was’

Want your customers to fall in love with you? Here’s the deal! Love bind hearts and now you’ll know how.

Enroll with Robin Hood Army  and be a restaurant partner and help eliminating hunger and food wastage. Contribute to their food drives with any excess food at your outlet, whenever you like with a call!





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